New IEM Buying guide, LIVE NOW!


Confused by the in’s and out’s of buying an IEM system?  Then this is the page for you!


Free PA Kit!

Because this is a relatively new blog, we don’t get to run competitions yet…..

……but that doesn’t stop us from reporting competitions that are out there….

….So….Mackie are giving away £5000 worth of PA system…..

You have to do the usual “Like this” and “share that” – but it’s a sweet prize.

You can enter the competition here:   CLICK ME!!

What happens when small scale, needs to upscale?

What happens when your small functions band, gets the opportunity to play on a wider, professionally engineered stage?  And what can you do to help everything go smoothly?

That’s the subject of the latest edition of Livesoundblog’s Tips section.

:CLICK HERE: to read the article.


The blog is awesome, I’ve decided! Whilst it does focus on a big, international act, it fascinates me that they still have the same problems we do as a small functions band, in terms of monitoring, and getting ourselves hearing what we want to hear. It also baffles me how members of Pearl Jam, having exposed themselves to years of 112dBa SPL noises, have not gone absolutely stone deaf!! Check it out if you get a moment!!