Getting into a band….the first hurdle!

So you look at X-Factor, Britains Got Talent, and The Voice, and think “I’m better than this lot”….

….swiftly followed by the follow up thought of “but I’m not what the judges are looking for” or “I’m scared” or “what a load of hassle for likely no return”….

But the urge to perform on a stage is strong.  For many, that means joining a band, and doing it your own way.

So how do you do that?

My advice?  Don’t….. It’s endless hours of rehearsing, promoting, driving, setting up, tearing down, losing money, barely covering costs, and countless other bad stuff.

But if you MUST (and for many of us – it’s not a choice – we simply feel incomplete without a stage to perform on) then there are some good starting places to allow you to get together with others who have a strong urge to perform.

Join my band:
No, not Black Market – blimey we have enough trouble fitting on the stage as it is! – an excellent website, which connects musicians and singers, to form awesome bands.  This is how Black Market started.

Often you’ll have to audition, and that means there will be some competition – but go along, showcase your skills, and assess whether you want to be in the band.  An audition is much like a job interview – it’s a two way process in the real world (it’s NOT like X-Factor – both parties have to be comfortable).

Facebook groups:
Facebook has so many uses, and it’s hard to imagine a world without it these days – how did we communicate before??

Anyway – there are various groups and pages within Facebook – some are called “Dep musicians” some are called “singers looking for bands” – have a search around – you might just find that killer band to join!

Go along and see a band you’d like to be like:
Surrounding yourself with “the scene” not only allows you to understand what’s involved, but also allows you to pick up contacts which will come in useful.  Most local pub and functions bands, come across each other quite regularly, so networking is key to success.  For instance, I know of a top quality covers band looking for a bassist right now, who won’t advertise it widely as they want to work on recommendation – I also know of a “start up” looking for a guitarist – but the opportunities are not advertised.  So get out there, and get to know some people!  You might even enjoy it!

Start from scratch:
Can’t find the band which fulfils your requirements?  Then start your own!  Take the initiative, and place the ads on the above sites.  You get control, and your pride in what you are doing will also grow.

When auditioning musicians, or bands though, remember that if it sounds crappy in the rehearsal room, it will sound even more crumby at a gig – choose your band wisely, because the old saying of “Sh** in, Sh** out” holds very true with live sound.  Get the sound of the band right, and the world is your oyster!